Monday, December 27, 2010

What's love?

Recently I read so many article from the newspaper that either people got killed for love or they committed suicide for love. A girl got stabbed for 19 times because of jealousy. She is lucky that she is still alive but she lost her sight. What's wrong with humans this days? Have they gone nuts? If you love someone, you should kept her/him happy, not by forcing her/him to be with you.
Killing someone doesn't make him/her become yours, if he/she is really dead, are you going to dig him/her coffin and steal him/her corpse and keep it under your basement? All you will have is a dead body. I understand what's your feeling when your love got rejected. You felt like the whole world is tearing apart and you can't live without him/her. Remember, loving someone doesn't means you need him/her to be yours. Just stop killing innocent people, please. I beg all of you. Cherish life.

And the ones that want to commit suicide for love, please. Don't, don't do that. Its not worth it. You can't have him/her but you have the whole world. They are a lots of people behind you, loving you & care about you. Ending your life doesn't bring any good news, to strangers, they will just felt "oh, the world just lost another life" but to the ones behind you, they will grieve and try to imagine your old folks got the news what will happen to them, they might have a heart attack and died. It is all because of you! You not only killed yourself but you killed your family's soul too!!

Abusing your loved ones, this is so wrong! If you love him/her, why the hell you abuse him/her? Tell me your reason! If you want let go your anger or frustration, please don't let it go on someone. I know, anger could overcome our emotion and actions. You wouldn't know what you had did until you are done. You will just felt you had become a monster. If you are facing all this, you should see a doctor. Don't hurt your loved ones.

Remember love doesn't means you need to own them, just keep them happy and eventually you will be happy too.
I love hunny, I really meant it even though sometimes we argue and became emo against each other.


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