Sunday, January 30, 2011

On The Way

*taken in my college, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, love the rabbit to the max!!* So cute
Chinese New Year is on the way!! :) Done your shopping? Clean up your house?
I can't wait for family reunion dinner :)
My dad and elder bro is back. So happy to see them.
And I can't wait for my Chinese New Year trip *with my family and hunny!!* Bwahaha

Oyaa, I have a BIG secret! Very very big. It will shock all of you to death and wonder why I did that. Haha. Its about my new hair cut.
Just wait until for my CNY post then you will get to see :)

And now I got a Blackberry Curve :) Damn happy. Hehe. Add me in BBM *no strangers* please.


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