Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Is my driving skills that bad or is it the other reckless driver's fault? I don get it why i always get honked at. I don't feel like driving anymore. Seriously!! Everyday I need to go through this. I can't take it. It makes me feel unsafe.

Whenever I put on my signal to turn into the other lane (the car on the other lane is way behind) , the car at that lane will honk at me. WTF! What's wrong with your problem douche bag? I seriously hate it!

I almost bang a divider, a person ( suddenly he/she ran out from the sidewalk at the highway ) and of course a car. My friend who took a ride back home with me is also afraid of me. He said because I'm too afraid and worry a lot. All I need to do is look and be brave to GO!

Should I really do that?? :(

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  1. *copy from FB, paste here again* XD

    You're very careful in driving but you also worry about accidents subconsciously that's why when smtg like people pop up(happens often i dunno why, maybe they're just stupid.) and those who just speed out when you wanna change lane(happens everytime I go out, assholes who I dun even wanna know why they wanna do it.) you will panic. So try to calm down, but also driving for some people takes time ;3 I understand ur feeling, my first 2 classes I also like that. So take ur time, maybe drive slower, be more careful, look twice ya ;D This is Malaysia u noe? hahahah CHeer up ba~!