Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Term 4 Bonsour! c:

It's the 3rd day of college. I seriously don like my timetable at all. Almost everyday I have class from morning *really early* until evening. And they only gave 1 hour break. Woah! Who ever that planned this timetable for us is really very smart! *in the opposite way!* Even my lecturer also sympathy us. Haihz.

For term 4. I will be having
French *my favourite c:*
Business english
Kicthen theory
Economic *kill me*
Malaysian studies *shoot me*
Sales and marketing *push me from the roof*
Food science *not you again!*
Pastry *my fav chef Karam :D*

Speaking of French class. I had been learning quite a lot of words just in 2 days. But mostly I can't get it right at the starting. It's just too confusing and totally different from other language. We can't separate the meaning of the sentences word by word. So difficult but love it. Can't wait for the next class! Oui! Haha.

Kill me please. Please. I have been eating like a mad dog since college started. My bf was like... how much food do you still want to have? Snogurt. Baskin Robbin. Bread Story. What's next? OMG! I not only gained weight, I also spent hell a lot of money on food. Shiat.

That's all for my 3rd day.
Um, this Friday is our 6th monthsary.
What should I do? *still thinking* LOL
Voici mon mari. :)


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