Monday, December 23, 2013

This Christmas, I won't have any celebration like my previous years. So I choose to do some confession instead, just pretending I'm in a church talking to a priest. 
Here's my confession.

I been transfer schools to schools, meeting new friends at different schools. 
Once I m transferred to a new school, I neglected my friends in my old school. 
I didn't really want to stop hanging out with them.
Friends who used to be close with me, I'm really sorry. 

I'm born with a best friend. 
We always been together, even we are at different classes or schools.
I always been feeling bad for leaving her alone in that secondary school. 
I been transfer to another school by my dad. 
So my meeting new friends routine starts again, 
This is where I do not have time to spend with her.
Friends, curriculum, extra classes and her. 

We start having friends of our own,
she tried inviting me to join her new friends but at that time,
 I was all nerdy and I didn't felt I could blend in so I avoid. 
Till this moment, I'm still avoiding her sometimes,
Perhaps I'm afraid to face her because I felt sorry.

I really hope we could hang out together like before.

Somehow, I felt I been blessed to have her for my entire childhood.

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