Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My friends were asking me how I celebrated my birthday with my family because I didn't blog about it.
Oh well, my sister just brought me out for dinner :)

We went to Favola at Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur. I always love to try Italian restaurants. Noms :)

The foccacia is really good. I never tasted foccacia that good before. 

Seafood pizza 

It suppose to have lobster in it. But I only found two tiny piece in it. =.=

Sorry, I couldn't remember what is the name of this dish. But it's a type of spaghetti. This is my favorite among others. Would love to try this again. 

Chicken Lasagna

What can I say? I don know it taste bad because it's not beef but chicken. All I say is my boyf's mum cooks better lasagna than this! 

Lil bro, Me, Elder sis

Enjoy the dinner much. Thank you sissy. :)


"Hope for the best MALAYSIA! Don give up!"

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