Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pangkor Laut Resort 1 DAYLIGHT

This would be one of my favourite place on earth. PLR. I used to work here as trainee before, ypu will know it if you read my previous previous .... previous blog post. That was like more than 1 year ago I believe.

As you can see from the above picture, the resort have it's own pirate island. When I was on the island I felt like I'm at another dimension of the world. Everything was so peaceful and earthy on the island. Gosh I miss that place so much.

 checking in
There are 6 of us which makes us into 3 couples. We stayed in the Hill Villas.
After a long drive to Pangkor, we started our vacation with having lunch at RBBC. I was so dissappointed that they changed the menu.
Anyways here's my lunch.

 Caeser salad

 Roast chicken

Now this is my favourite part of vacation, checking out our room. :) I just love the "woah" surprise.
Nicklaus and I was so amazed by the room till the point we just wanna stay in our room for the whole vacation.

The only no no about this resort is MONKEYS. Well, it's an island with a huge part of forest. As we all know monkeys are smart animals. The housekeeping warned us to lock our doors and windows when we are not in the room, if not you will come back and see your room trash by monkeys.

Outdoor bathtub? Ever heard about it before? Afraid of people peeking at your naked body? Oh well, it's covered up with walls so you do not have to worry much. But I am still afraid that the monkeys would suddenly come into the bathtub. Guess I think too much.

That's all for now :) the next blog post will be about our dinner.
Catch up with me yea...


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