Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sepang Gold Coast

If u saw my older post, you would have known that I'm in Sepang now
Well, I'm with my hubby and his family...

It took 1 hour to reach Sepang Gold Coast from Klang, its just like going to Genting..Not very far at all...
This resort had just open recently so its new and not fully develop yet..

This is one of the chalet we were staying in. There are 3 rooms in a chalet and a HUGE jacuzzi in the master bedroom!! =D

The wall decorations at the entrance of the resort. =P ^ That is his lil bro..
This is the reception area from the entrance ..^ That is his elder bro and mom..
After having lunch outside the chalet in somewhere that I don know..
We went back to he chalet and change into out swimming attire, straight to the swimming pool!!
Emm, well, at 1st I'm so excited about it but when I arrive the pool..Its crowded with aunties and uncles and their childrens..My mood totally change............
Then we went to the Sunset Beach area to check out the water sports they have..Too bad, there is no wind at all so we can't sail nor do cart sailing =( ..Will try to go for it again tomorrow morning..Hope there is wind...The beach was very clean but the water was not that clear..
This is a picture after I bath and I'm actually looking forward to see the sunset...
TOO BAD, the clouds block the sun.....
Well, this ugly picture taken by my hubby..He seriously need to learn how to capture photo...Hahaha
There he is!!! Taken by me!! Can you look for my specs?? ^^

This is one of the resort's restaurant..
The reception area at the night..

The ceiling of the reception area..O.o It is made out of bamboo..
Another section of the reception area..

Em, it is the pool, but its too dark too capture pictures..well, u can see they have small like light bulbs in the pool and the colour of it will change everytime..

Thats all for today..I will say that I definitely will come again but it is so costly!!! The place great..


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