Monday, August 16, 2010

To ♥ him

Thank hubby for the letter that you wrote for me =) I felt so in love now
Since you wrote me a letter, now I'm going to reply you

Lets start why m i always curious, why?
I don even know. I just want to know when and why =) Well, i heard many people said before that when it comes to true love, that's no why. If there is a reason then its not love anymore. So I guess you pass the test? *giggling*

Next, the moment we start this relationship.
I wondered m i really in love with you or you are just replacing him? When my hate towards him fade off, I realized I m really in love with you =) I'm glad that you never give up on me even though you are not in my mind at first. You tried and you passed. You always been there for me no matter what happens, even though I sobbed for another guy. You never let me go at all. I cant promise that we can stay in love madly deeply forever, all I can do and I will do is try my best.

Time for apology,
I know I had done some stupid things to you before like being angry for a little matter. I m so sorry hubby =( I didn't meant to. And the other stupid thing I did was biting your hand *smiling* I just love to do that. =)

That's for you, my hubby.
You are the stars and I m the moon in the sky. Always stay together
Lastly, I LOVE YOU~


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