Sunday, February 19, 2012

V♥lentine Day 1

I went to Langkawi for Valentine Day with my boyf. It's a last minute planing, thank God it planned well. :)
We stayed at FAVE, Cenang Beach for 2 nights. The hotel is new so I didn't expect much but *someone complained* :/ He prefer to stay at One Helang Hotel.

Anyways, back to the topic.We landed at Langkawi on the 14 Feb at the evening so there's not much we can do besides siting by the beach.

We had our Valentine's dinner at a Italian restaurant named Red Tomato. Seriously, the food does not taste good as the restaurant looks. And the price is so unreasonable, regret for dining there.

The next day we went for island hopping, each person costs RM30 including transportation from our hotel to the jetty.

In the tour, we visited the Pregnant Lady Lake.

Do you saw a pregnant lady on the island? :D

Amazing right? I wonder if it's true about the myth? Does it really helps a lady to get pregnant?
Speaking of amazing, in the middle of the island. There was this fresh water lake where the water are not salty even though the water stream of the lake is connected to the sea.

History of the lake

It sound so scary where this lady buried her dead son in the lake. O.O

At the lake, you are allow to swim but its 10m deep. I and my boyf just dipped our leg in the lake and enjoy the scenery. :)

Next destination, eagle's feeding.
Well, we don't get to feed the eagle here. So we just sat in the boat and trying to snap some pictures.

Too bad, we don have any DSLR camera so we are unable to capture the eagles. :(

Next? The Pulau Beras Basah. Direct translate = Island Rice Wet.
Lols, sound so damn funny when direct translate.

They dropped us off for 1 hour at the beach. The beach is crystal clear clean. :)
The tour last about 4 hours. And guess what, as soon we reached back the hotel. We bath and qwnt to Kuah town for awhile. Went back to the hotel again, *planned* to have a nap and by the time we are awake, it's 10 pm.

That's it for the 1st and 2nd day. :D
Wait up for Valentine Day 2 :*


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