Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last Month

I been long gone. Can't believe I didn't blog about Christmas and New Year this year, I mean last year.
Well, on Christmas eve I went to spend the day with my bf's family. We went to St John Church for the midnight mass. Awesome day :)


This is my bf's family Christmas tree. Gosh, I miss those time already. :(

His mum and Uncle Ho 
Kimmy and Angel ;)

And this is us. 
Cherly, Alvina, Me, Nicklaus and Chelsea. 

Failed! They should have told me that they are wearing black outfits for that night. :( Haha.

This year, I got tons of presents. :) Marc Jacob Dot Perfume, Sephora's special purple blusher, Sephora's makeup palette, books, Elle's scarf and necklace. I love all of them so much. Thank you.

So here we are, still living in 2013. What's going to happen this year? :) Nobody knows, just got to get through it to find out. 


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