Sunday, December 16, 2012

Massive Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut

Let's pray for the ones who lost their lives yesterday.
It's a tragic that the mentally ill guy chooses a 5-10 years old elementary school for this. I could imagine what the kids felt, looking at their friends and teachers got killed. They are just kids, how could they overcome this fear and nightmare for the next coming years?
Thank you Lord for protecting most of the children's life.
For the teachers who protected the kids, you are the ones who should be praise and you have been a very good role model to the children. May God always be with all of you.

As we know, it's not the first time this kind of incident had happen. Every single year, we would see this in the news. It would start out with a mentally ill guy/girl with a guy.
Please take care and pay attention to your family members's behavior, if you felt there are something different in them. Send them to the psychologists to find out before they become really ill.
People in United States had protest to banned guns. President Obama, I hope you could do it to keep your citizens safe.

Sorry for the family and friends who lost their loved ones.


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