Thursday, January 21, 2010

Effing Peoples!!!!!

Today I'm late for class because of her, I waited her for almost like 30 mins..
Thank god, my lecturer is not in class also..
The part i hate the most is when we enter her class she sit with another bunch of people and leave me alone..What the f***??..
I don mind waiting for her but cant she consider my feelings 1st??..
And again thank god, i sat with 2 girls (Jayne & Natasha) and be friends with them but it is kinda awkward for me...I don feel comfort but no choice or else I will have no friends...
+ I'm not going to state her name..
Gosh, my FnB lecturer had gave us project on the 1st day in class and we need to present it the next 4 weeks..
Now I'm feeling tired...REAL TIRED...
I just feel like want to drop down and be dead..
In my FnB class, my lecturer asked us to gave a nickname for our self..
Victoria Vinesh ( My lecturer)
Ambitious Arif
Wonderful Wun
Monkey Mariam
Annoying Ada
Animal Anwar
Simple Saif
Delicious Dinesh
Marvellous Mok
Tiny Tim
Joyous Jonathan
Dooby Daniel
Interesting Ilham
Random Row
Jazzy Jane
Cracko Cindy
Cat Catrine
Crazy Ca Ying
Sweet Suki
Magnificent Masumah
Kollywood Kavy
Jiggly Jayne
Naughty Natasha
Madness Mandy ( ME!!)
Naif --- * oops forgotten edi*
I hope i din spell wrong their names too...=)

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