Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear's birthday 2 ♥

Today went to Mid Valley with dear...
We watch Tooth Fairy..hehe...the movie was so damn funny...
Before we went Mid Valley, we went to his dad's shop to eat..the food there was fantastic!! =)

This monkey face drivng car..Hahaa

Ooo, dragonfly...haha

Mid Valley's Chinese New Year theme

The night before, i was making birthday card for my dear..Until 4 am only i slept..haha

Actually thought of baking a cake for him but my beater had broken down already so i cant whisk...It spoil in a bad timing...

Anyway, this card is really fully made by my bare hands!!...hehe..\

I hope he really likes it =)

This is a part of the content but i don think any of you get what it means..hahaa

Now i cant wait for Valentine Day to be with ya dear..THE END~~

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