Friday, January 15, 2010


Now u told me that you dump me because of i m having SPM that moment and you were about gong to Mahsa to study..And you planned to ask me to wait 5 years for you, if you ask that time i m willing to..

You had made heart go up and down, i just realize i have been dumb and stupid at the moment for not noticing what is the real reason you dump me..

All you told at that time is that i and you doesn't get along so we gotta give up our love..
I thought you are a jerk but you aren't..

Anyway, i m happy with my current bf now so it does not mean anything to me anymore or it does??..I should just forget what you said but how could your words make my heart hurts??..

Is all the guys like this??..When that moment they should tell the truth but they don and tell it at the wrong time??..They seems like does not know to do the right thing when the right moment...f*** myself!! For being influence by your words..

*Sorry dear for not telling you this earlier*..THE END~~

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