Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pastry Class

Today we have bake Genoa Sponge ( Sponge Cake )

1st - Whisk 3 whole eggs with 80 grams of sugar over Bain Marie ( double boil ) until sugar dissolves later whisk it with the machine until it become foam
2nd - Sift 70 grams pastry flour ( soft flour ) with 30 grams of corn flour and fold in *1st*
3rd - Fold in 20 grams melted butter
Final - Bake at 190*C until golden brown

Later on, we have learn how to bake Creme Caramel

1st - Boil 50 grams of sugar with a little bit of water until golden brown ( NOT BLACK )
2nd - Pour *1st* into the bowls and let it cool down until it harden
3rd - Whisk 2 egg yolks, 1 whole egg and 50 grams of sugar
4th - Boil 250 ml of milk ( NOT UNTIL BOILING TEMPERATURE )
5th - Mix the milk with *3rd*
6th - Place the mixture into the same bowls
Final - Bake at 165*C with Bain Marie method

Hope ya enjoy the recipe and feel free to ask me any question through my chat box =D

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