Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pastry Class 2

Today is my dear pastry chef (Chef Karam) birthday, but earlier we didn't know about it until he told us...Lolss

Get Ready Class
Today my lecturer had thought me how to bake
Genoise Sponge (Short cake)
1st - Whisk 4 whole eggs + 125g of sugar over Bain Marie
2nd - Sift 125g soft flour and fold in 1st
3rd - Melt 30g of butter then fold in 2nd
Final - Bake at 190*C until golden brown

The next thing we gonna learn is
Pastry Cream
1st - Boil 1tsp of vanilla + 500ml of milk + 60g of butter + 125g of sugar
2nd - Whisk 3 eggs + 70g of corn flour
3rd - Mix some of 1st with 2nd in a bowl and pour the mixture back into the pot and stir until it become creamy
Final - Put in a flat tray and cover with a cling wrapper to avoid it from become hard + keep it in the fridge until it become semi solid

Hope you enjoy the recipe =)

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