Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year Dinner

Yesterday went Hoi Oin Tin at Imbi road with my FAMILY..
The place damn pack with peoples and i almost fall down with my 2 inch high heels..
Damn embarrassing weiii...
Then in the restoran my little cousin sat beside me..so i babysit her, she very naughty de lo, what also don wan eat except for those fried food..

This is her trying to strangled me while i m eating, she so damn tiny and guess what..She is 10 years old and i never seen a standard 4 kid this small size..it is like she is experiencing draftism..
Anyway, she call Soo Hui...
This is Bambi & Chuckei...damn it, they are so damn tall...Bambi is only 16 years old and she is as tall as her sister ( Chuckei )...

From the left bottom : My grandpa, grandma, my papa, my elder bro, my lil bro & my elder sis
One happy family =)...

Lols, i took this picture when they two are busy talking...


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