Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hearts BKK

Should i love BKK or hate BKK since this trip makes me became ill ..
Lols, I HEARTS BKK ...
The 1st day when i arrive Thailand, i saw this cutie 80's century car at the airport

Isn't it cute?? =)

Then later on we went straight to the hotel..
The hotel called Prince Palace at Bobae Tower, this hotel totally sucks man..
They don provide free breakfast and from my room i can hear the phone rang from the room next door, so damn scary..
I cant believe the taxi driver said that the hotel we were staying is a 4 star hotel!! But the room looks like shit and service was so damn bad...
I even need to carry my own luggage to my room...
After that, my papa friend take us out for dinner..

And on the way to the restaurant, i had capture some nice views =)

Hell ya!! Bangkok is a big city

Finally we had arrive the restaurant and i was starving and craving for food..

My papa friend had order this BIG HUGE .... as a treat for my papa and my uncle ( Kei's papa )

Here you go!!..This restaurant named Tawandang German Brewery..
They have german and thai food served at you have plenty of choices

Tengok 2 amoi ini, keep cam whore only..ish ish

This is my cousin brother from the left and that my elder brother =)

Then they have performance for us to enjoy, my favourite part of the performance was when a band of uncles were playing jazz songs..
They were so damn cute~~

Then they have thai traditional performance...

Later on, i , Chuckei and Ashley went to the toilet for cam whore...
Haha...i prefer to stay in the toilet because outside was so damn cold and we all wear singlet and shorts only!!

And performance AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN

This guy...lolsss
He was so damn hilarious, he looks like those hippie types of peoples..

And this girl...she looks so damn beautiful and she looks like Ayumi!!

Then this hippie guy came back singing with TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT leggings..
Tight until i can see his ....

The 2nd day in Bangkok, we went cafe that was beside a ocean for lunch..
We feed the fishes at there by throwing some breads..haha...the fishes was so damn HUGE..

See...Bangkok bridge is even BIGGER than Penang bridge..

The cafe was also nearby the boat station and there were many birds at there hanging around

We went to shopping at Siam Square where i saw there the so many Blythe in the shop..

Lolsss..i bought so many things from there but some of the stuff at there was so expensive..
Later on, at night we went Kao San to shop again..hahaa
Then i saw this creative artists were drawing some posters and the posters really look good~~

Wee~~ at last we moved to another hotel ( Thanks to Bambi for complaining to her dad ) =)
On the way to the hotel, we saw a lorry full with bottles...Hahaaa

This is the hotel where we stayed after the 3rd day...
I'm glad we have leave that ugly hotel...

Nice leh the room??..haha..
Me, Chuckei and Bambi sleep in a same room

We went to pray the four face god on the 5th day
We took the underground train to Shukumwit

After praying, i feel so damn not head was so pain..
But i still accompany Ashley to buy her Nintendo game..
Then went i saw my papa, i don know why suddenly i cried and hug him...
At that time, i don feel like eating but my papa insist me having some toast breads..
Sad~~...when i was eating toast bread, i saw Chuckei and Ashley eating japanese crepe =(
The next day later, my body felt so damn pain and i don feel like moving around..
Then my papa took me to the nearby clinic to see the doctor..
Damn!!..the doctor so stupid..He don know how to speak english...WTH!!...
What they learn in medical school??!!....
The 7th day, its time to say goodbye to Bangkok and hello to sad....
See you next time TIELAND...


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