Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saigon, Vietnam 3

On the next night, we went to Cuc Gach Quan again. Since Vietnamese also celebrate Chinese New Year, there are many shops and restaurants are not open. Lesson learnt, don go to Vietnam during Chinese New Year. 

I don mind eating at Cuc Gach Quan everyday, their food are really really tasty.

 Courgette flower

I just only learn about this, courgette are basically eggplant. Just a different phrase, so there are courgette, eggplant and brinjal, what's more?

 Fried fish

Yes, they are really named as "fried fish" only in their menu. Sorry, I couldn't remember what type of fish are those. 

 Stewed prawns with starfruits.

The prawns taste really good with starfruits. It's spicy and sour. Got to try this!

What's more in Saigon? 
Well, you couldn't miss the Notre Dame Catheral at the city. It's really beautiful, inside and out. Sadly they just let tourists to visit the front part of the church only, they only lets people in for praying.

I was about to buy a really beautiful rosary from the church. A pink pearl rosary, unfortunately I'm short of cash and they are closing within 10 mins that time. It was my last day at Vietnam. Well, I believe I will meet my "fated" rosary one day.

Ciao Bella, Saigon
Du An Can Ho Trung Dong Plaza, 30 Trinh Dinh Thao, Tan Phu.

Photo took from Ciao Bella's main webpage

Italian food in Saigon anyone?

Their pizza dough is absolutely not too thin and crunchy. The best pizza dough I ever had, better than La Risata, Papa John and etc. On the other side, their spaghetti are not that great like their pizzas though.
Carbonara tasted like a literally cream with spaghetti which is kind of awful.

Ciao Bella pizza, Carbonara and ...

Affordable, they have set lunch which includes three courses.
Homey environment, servers not that friendly and greatest pizza I ever had!
That's all for Saigon! Bangkok will be coming up next!

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