Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saigon, Vietnam 2

La Creperie, Saigon

La Creperie is a Brittany (A region of France) restaurant from France, there are plenty authentic savoury and sweet dishes to choose from their menu. Savoury crepes are called La Galletes. Their prices would not disappoint you, very affordable.

In the Vietnam, there is still alot of leftover aspects that had been influence by the French colonial. Architectures, languages and of course foods. Therefore, there is La Creperie. Some of the crepes are even fusion of Vietnamese and French culinary. 

Basically, their theme is maritime as you can see the lighthouse, blue and white strips and their decos. Their interior design makes you feel like you are dining in a boat. Really nice concept they have here. This is my very first time having savoury crepes, for my entire life I only known about dessert crepes. 

My lil bro and elder one

La Gallete with salmon and egg with cream and cheese. 

Made with good and fresh quality ingredients. It's filling because of the cream and cheese yet it's tasty too. A good pick for the ones who have bigger appetite. 

I'm so sorry I really couldn't remember what is this. My lil bro ordered this so I didn't pay any attention to it. There are rye, salmon, cheese and ... in it. First impression : What the hell is this. After having a first bite : Woah, that is different. I could describe how it really taste like. There's no rice or risotto, just amazing the way it is.

La Galette with ....

Not mine, so again lack of attention. This was my less favorite one, maybe it's particularly there's a fried egg. The ones who know me well, I dislikes eggs alot especially fried ones. Weird I know.

The atmosphere and foods is awesome, and great attentive servers. A nice place to chill out away from the busy city.
Now I feel so regret for not trying their desserts. :( How could I?
Visit here when you are at Saigon, you will not regret about it.

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