Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saigon, Vietnam

 Every year, we will have a family vacation trip since we rarely spend time together as a family.
I been to Bangkok like 123.....10 times, every single year since I'm 13. Bangkok became my second home instantly.
This year, we visited Saigon, Vietnam. A quiet relaxing place to look around and for their famous Pho of course! I'm in love with Pho even since I got my first bite of it. The soup was amazing! 

Landed Saigon on the afternoon. Headed out for Pho straight away.
This is a well known restaurant that serves really good and authentic Pho. There's alot of local people and foreigners in the restaurant. 
The best Pho I ever had. 

They are open from 6am - 2pm and 5pm - 12am.

As usual, random selca of me. 

My one and only overgrown me lil bro. 

Cuc Gach Quan, Saigon
10 Dang Tat, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1.

My sister have been to Saigon twice last year so she knows where's all the good food are. The concierge of our hotel also recommended this restaurant.
They serve Vietnamese home cooked food.
Their restaurant was packed with foreigners at that time, make sure you called or make a reservation before heading there.

Their menu is really very thick, it's almost thick as a dictionary.
You could ask the servers to recommend.
They recommend all sorts of weird foods, like fish with passionfruit sauce. You could never imagine what it tastes like. 
Always try weird and unusual things, it would surprise you. That's how a vacation should be. 

Stewed Chicken with Lemongrass and Chili

Crispy Sea Bass with Passionfruit Sauce

Unexpected passionfruit sauce goes well with fish. I can't stop munching on them. Just too delicious!

Fried Spring Rolls

Who leaves Saigon without having their famous spring rolls? Got to have them. Must!

Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp

Among all of this, I dislike this the most. All I could taste is raw veges. Not my type. 

Sauteed Beef with Dragon Beans

Dragon Beans are our "sei gok dau". Different countries have different names for them, I guess.

Fried Soft Shell Crabs

Fried Homemade Tofu 

Their tofu are really very soft, it's like our Chinese egg tofu. Literally melts in your mouth. Yum!

Stewed Pork with Egg

Tomato juice

Trying to be healthy and all with tomato juice. LOL.
Overall, the environment is good! Foods are awesome! Service is helpful and kind!
What could I ask for more?! 

Lastly, a group photo with my siblings and dear bro-in-law. 

ALERT! More new posts will be publish soon! :)

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