Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter @ Shanghai

So sorry for my not updated blog :( I have been busy preparing for CNY at home and travelling around. Just too many things to settle at home, with the decorations and visiting my friends and all.

My second time visiting Shanghai in a year. 
Previously we celebrated our 1st anniversary in SHOOK, KL. So here are we dining in another SHOOK at Shanghai. Perhaps we would try to dine in at all the SHOOK around the world. 

SHOOK @ The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

During lunch time, they have set lunch (starter & main course) which costs around 88RMB, not including tax and service charge. The price is reasonable with the view of the Bund and their comfy environment. 

Here comes our food. 

Classic Chicken Caeser Salad

I prefer Shook KL's caesar salad than Shanghai's. The dressing is not seasoned enough.

 Sauteed Blue Mussel with Lemongrass Broth

Flavorful enough for me. I love how the veges is cut into perfect cubes in the soup. 

 Spicy Red Curry Chicken

As a Malaysian, this would be not my best curry I ever had. I prefer Chinese or Indian curries more.

 Slow Braised Beef Cheeks

Red wine reduction sauce, not my thing. For me, all I could taste is bitter. The beef cheeks is well cooked though.

What's a complete meal without desserts at the end?
I love to try desserts, to find the difference of the quality, taste and presentation. Desserts is just my thing, that I would always love. 

 Pumpkin Cheesecake

I don really like pumpkin at all, not my taste. First time tasting pumpkin as a ingredient in a cake. 
It's really beautiful though.

 Valrhona Chocolate Fudge Cake

There's Valrhona ice cream, Valrhona foam and Valrhona cake.
Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially Valrhona chocolate, the world best baking chocolate. Try it once and you would want more of it.

Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai

It's a great place for foods and drinks.
There are shops and restaurants in the narrow alleys.
Nearest metro station : Dapuqiao station.

There's a famous Teddybear cafe, it's interesting and unique to try.
And there's a tea shop named Tea House, you could see the shop at every corners.
I bought two cans of tea leaf from them, plan to get them again on my next visit.

Wujiang Road, Shanghai

The objective of coming is for Yang's Fried Dumpling.
According to alot of webpage, Wujiang road is a snacks street That was previously, they had renovate the street. No more foods.

Went home without Yang's Fried Dumpling, a frowned on my face.
Well, on the very next day, my smart boyf managed to bring me to Yang's Fried Dumpling with his instinct. I was a happy girl again.

Coming up next, Vietnam. :)

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