Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hubby. 10.09.10

On that day, I went dating with hubby at 1U. At 1st we thought that there will be not crowded since the highway is smooth (100% no jam). Unfortunately, when we reach 1U, the mall's car park was completely full so we went to park at One World Hotel in Damansara ( just next to 1U ). So we went to get movie tickets 1st, the Q was not long so we thought we could get a nice seat. But too bad, all the movie at any timing left only the front row!! =( Luckily, Going The Distance still have seats in the middle row. So lucky!! Teehee
After getting the tickets, we went for a little shopping, oh well.
I cant resist the clothes and guess what? Haha, I bought a sweater from F21!! *Zap! Money gone* =(

Done with shopping then went for snacks, at *umm i forgot* lolss. And guess what happen? I'm so smart that I left my shopping bag at there. Once I reminded about that, I quickly went back to the cafe to look for it. Phew, I found it with an uncle.

Happily, we went to the cinema to watch the movie. And I saw my ex bf. Mr Edward Gan, omg!! I was like should I go and talk with him or I just ignore him? Well, we did say hi to each other and I went away. And I meet him AGAIN! We were in the same cinema hall and he sat at the row in front of me. I was shocked again. Well, past is the past so just let it go =)
I rate this movie 7/10!!
Starting, the guy, Garrett got dumped by his girlfriend and he went to the bar with his 2 friends, Dan & Box.
So he was there looking for girls and he saw her, Erin at the centipede machine. He went towards her and cause her losing the game. So he bought her a drink for the game. This is how the meet, and they started to date after that. Well, unfortunately Erin is just doing her intern in New York and she need to leave after 6 months. They were so in love with each other so they didn't gave up on their relationship even though they are far apart from each other.
Haha, 2 of his friends were rowing the boat while they were smooching.
This is Erin's crazy sister, Corinne. She is obsessed with cleanness. She threw her daughter's , Maya drumstick when it fell on the table because there was once Erin and Garrett had sex on it. Haha. And "Maya, statue!!" XD
After for several months, Erin can't get a job in New York instead there was a job offer for her at San Francisco. At 1st, she thought of giving up the job offer and move in with Garrett in New York but Garrett didn't want Erin to give up the job for him so they broke up and focused on their jobs. Months later, Erin got a package from Garrett and there was ticket passes for a concert. So Erin went to the concert and she bumped into Garrett. She just found out that Garrett is also working at the same area as her so they continue their relationship from there. Finally they were happily together =)

After the movie, we went to SS2 for Murni but the shop was not opened. Instead we ate some desserts at a shop in that area and went back home.

That's all for that day =)
Had a great day with hubby


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