Friday, September 17, 2010

Chuckei's Big Day Dinner

On the 15 of September, my cousy, Jane Lau celebrated her birthday at La-Risata, Ampang. I used to dine in there when I was young with my family. The place was great so as the food. Its super duper delicious, fyi they served Italian cuisine so there are lots of spaghetti and pizza. Yum yum. Jane had set a theme for her birthday event where all the girls must dress in black.
There were over 30 boys and girls which I barely know them, me & my hubby and Ashley & her boyfriend sat at the corner of the table. We were like having our own world at that corner, =( didn't get to talk much with Jane.

They renovated their restaurant to a bigger one and now they have 2 floors! With a wine room where you can actually sit there and enjoy the wine inside.
Last time, the restaurant used to be like a classical type while now its more modern. I love it
Moreover, they also added some new dishes into their menu.
Me and my hubby had ordered homemade mushroom soup, pizza with lamb and ricotta and spaghetti with mussels from NZ. I enjoyed the mushroom soup and pizza but not the spaghetti. Maybe because I don like mussels.

Hubby's sneaker & my shoe
Noobie hubby!! XD
Jane with her birthday cake, Daphne specially designed the cake for her. Aww~
Ladies!! Can you spot me? I don think so..Haha
I took this 2 pictures from Ash-Oh-Tonic. =)

Want more info about this Italian restaurant? Click here !!

Once more again I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Jane. I enjoyed the times I spent with you since our childhood till now. Oh crap, we getting old =(


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