Saturday, September 4, 2010

♥ Piranha ♥

Last night, its my 1st time going to the cinema with my family in 2010. Well, its great. :-)
I went to Wangsa Walk with my lil bro, my elder sis and her boyfriend.
We watched PIRANHA!! My sis didn't bought the 3D ticket so too bad~
The movie is for above 18 only, there were girls shaking their butts and boobies all the time so its inappropriate for kids to watch. I guess the guys will enjoy it very much. Haha

This movie is about a bunch of girls and boys having fun at the side of the shore during spring break. A old man dropped his beer into the lake and it caused earthquake under the lake. And it opened a pathway to another lake under the lake. There are millions of piranha under there and they are all free.

The officers found out there are piranhas in the lake so they asked the bunch of teenagers to stay away from the lake. Well, you know. Teenagers love breaking the law =P When a girl's butt got bitten by several piranha and the lake starting to turn red, everybody got freaked out and they tried to swim up the shore. But too bad, there were so many piranha. Theres a part where 2 officers were carrying a girl up to the shore ( One of them are holding her head and the another one are holding her legs ) then guess what, the girl body ripped to half. So disgusting.

At the end of the movie, an fish inspector realized the piranha that they saw were just the babies. Which means the parents will be much bigger than they expected.

Well, I suggest you to watch in 3D =) Hope you enjoy the movie.


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