Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 of Sept

Last week, went to watch The Hole with hubby and lil bro at Pavillion. 1 word, SUCKS!!

Its not even a horror movie. Wasted money. Ish, should have watch Wall Street or The Legend of The Fist.

This week, I'm having exam. Stress. Really stress. Everyday need to catch up one subject. Day after day. After this week, i will be having one week holiday then internship. Can you recommend any nice place to visit? :-)

Oh ya, and currently I'm driving to college!! =D Well, I'm just a beginner so I'm clumsy and scare. At first, I feel it is fun to get to drive but after awhile, I feel tired and lazy. Lols. Hope I wont be asleep while I'm driving like my hubby. Haha

To those stupid idiots who say humans does not need to attach with their partner is really stupid ass clowns. Those who have thoughts like this is officially a player. And to ... if you want your boyfriend to love you and commit to you, please behave yourself and be a bitch around other guys when your boyfriend is not around. * You need to act to get something you want, it does not come to you if you are just standing there waiting for it *

And good luck to all DC35 with their exams, I hope nobody in my group will be deferred.
* Hubby, thanks for the lunch today :*) * Always be loving you~

Currently I'm in love with this song, Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope Heart.
Listen to it , feel it and enjoy it~

Hope you like it too


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