Wednesday, September 22, 2010

♥ Devil ♥

Last week, I went to the cinema with my hubby to watch Devil. I suspected the security guard is the devil while my hubby said the devil is the salesman. Want to know who is the devil? =D

The show is about 5 people trapped in an elevator. The creepiest part is that one of them is the devil.

In this show, it is stated that when an innocent human commits suicide, it is believe that the devil has arrived. There are reasons why those 5 peoples are chosen to be trapped in the elevator.
1. The security guard, Ben is a thug who have criminal records.
2. The girl, Sarah is a whore that cheats marriage for money and assets.
3. The guy, Tony is a deserter involved in a hit and run that killed the detective's wife and son.
4. The salesman, Vince is con-artist used to con his customer and escaped.
5. The old lady, Jane Cowski is a thief.

At the start, they thought it was just a normal incident. But when the light went off the first time and Sarah got cut at her back, they suspected its Vince. A Mexican security guard in the control room saw a devil face on the CCTV camera and he told his colleague that its not a normal accident, there is something inside the lift. His colleague was shocked about what he been told but he just ignored it.
The next black out, Vince was killed by shattered glasses. Detective Bowden was been called to the building to investigate about it. He checked the visitor list and he found out there was only 4 people who missed their appointment which were Ben, Sarah, Vince and Jane Cowski. He began to suspect Tony since his name was not in the list. After the blackout, Sarah saw everybody is dead lying on the floor. She freaked out.
Its been said that whenever somebody tries to help them, they will be in trouble too. The office building's repairman tried to fix the elevator from the top but unfortunately he fell and died. Jane Cowski was got killed as she got hung by an electrical cord inside the elevator.

Sarah and Ben suspected Tony afterwords as he had military experience. And the guys began to fight against each other. Detective Bowden ordered them to stop the fight. Then lights went out again. This time, they flashed their cellphones around the lift. Unfortunately suddenly all of their cellphones dropped on the floor and Ben's neck got twisted 180 degree.
Sarah and Tony were terrified and they took the shattered glasses lying on the floor and are prepared to stab each other. Detective Bowden calmed them down. The lights went off again and this time Sarah's throat is slashed.
Tony's fiance sneaked into the control room and told the Detective Bowden that she is Tony's finance and Tony's full name is Tony JaneCowski which means, Tony actually did sign in and the old women's name is not Jane Cowski.

Tony and the people, Detective Bowden, the Mexican security guard and Tony's fiance was shocked when the so called Jane Cowski was rised from her death. Apparently she is the devil among all of them. When she was prepared to take Tony's life. Tony used the walkie-talkie that the repairman dropped to confessed to Detective Bowden that he was involed in a car accident few years ago and killed a mother and son. The devil did not kill him after that as he was no longer "damned" as he confessed and repented. When elevator's door opened and the devil is gone. Detective Bowden decided to regains his faith in God and forgives Tony for his mistakes.

Here's the trailer so you can have a sneak peek about it

Hope you enjoy it..



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