Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today *8 May* went to Times Square for movie with Mr Lee..Lols, today I'm really very angry because Mr Lee called me to change my outfit and at that moment i'm like all messed up so i keep scold him..Haha..Sorry dear =( my bad..Something wrong me with today, I feel like so annoyed and wish the whole wide world could just shut up for a day..
The purpose we went to Times Square is just to watch Diary of A Wimpy Kid..Actually we plan to watch Toy Story 3 but they only show the movie twice a day only *weird*

The Diary of A Wimpy Kid is about a boy which just enter high school..He wanted to be the most famous kid in his school so he could sit with those cool kids in the canteen and have many friends..Well, he didnt become a famous kid but he did learn that his best friend, Rowley is important to him..At last, two of them had became the cutest friends in the school..

Lolss, I love the lil bro the most, Manny *Bubby bubby bubby* Hehe..So darn cute >.<

After the movie, we went to Subang Jaya to celebrate Bao Sen's birthday *Dear's religion friend* by having steamboat at the Tasty Pot..
1. The food taste horrible
2. The place was so damn freaking hot
3. The seafoods at that was not fresh at all
Anyway, I have a great day with them..Lols, i cant really remember all their names..Anyway, happy birthday Bao Sen!..Hope you have a wonderful day =D
Tomorrow I will be going to a orphanage house at nearby Kelana Jaya with my college's friends to do community service so I decided to but something for the kids..
And look what i found at the Borders, a bunny bag pack with 3 story books..Hope the kids like it =D
After dinner, we went to IKEA..I went there just to get my cooking utensils only..
I bought this balloon whisk and normal whisk for like rm5..lols, so damn cheap..
Then when we walk pass the kids section..something had caught my eye and I saw toys!!..hehe
Mr Lee saw me looking at the toys like a baby so he called me to choose one..Haha..So I choose this Moosy..Love you my dear =D..thanks and sorry for today
And don forget today*9 May* is Happy Mother's Day..I wished all the mom happy mother's day..Hope their children always appreciate and love them more than anything..ILY mum..I hope you are happy at where you are right now..

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