Friday, May 14, 2010


After few days being a cry baby and heart broken, the old days of me had return..I'm glad I'm awake from this nightmare..Even though I know it isn't over yet but I will try my best to figure out what should I do with it and get over it..

I'm so sorry babes and dudes for making u guys worry about me..I'm fine now =D

I had learn how to handle my problems by just letting it be and ignore it, when the times come I only will care about it..

I tried many ways to avoid it already but it still doesn't work at all..It will just return to the same thing..It is just like a magnet to me..

Mostly it brings me happiness but when i thought of another side, it brings sadness to me..

THINK MANDY THINK!! *peanut brain*
Favourite song of the week
♥ Jay Chow - Superman Do Not Know How To Fly ♥

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