Friday, May 7, 2010

Restaurant Service

On the Wednesday, where it is our turn to do restaurant service for The Truffles..
Cindy, Dinesh and Suki was absent on that day which left 8 of us..When i found out that on that day we have 53 guests to serve, I like what?..8 servers handle 53 guests include 12 VIP * Mr Neethia, the head of hospitality and tourism department..
I and Kavi need to serve 2 tables and Mr Neethia's table..I was so damn afraid of him
Before the service, the annoying lecturer, Mr Gobi *don know how to spell his name, by the way i don even care how to spell his name* came to chit chat with Mr Liew..Then he notice me and talks with me..

Mr Gobi : Where are you from?
Me : Er, Malaysia?
Mr Gobi : Do you know that Malaysian have black hair too?

Then i ignore him..then he went on complain about Jen's tattoo...Damn busy body..
Continue about the service, when the restaurant is open..Everyone went all messed up because we need to help to serve other tables..When i was serving Mr Neethia, I forget to explain about the menu and a lot of steps, I was so scare he will be mad but he didn't *he smile ad thank me when i serve him* Phew...
Now let me explain the service sequence that we used to serve the guests..
Service Sequence
1st Lay napkin for the guest and serve water
2nd Explain about the beverages menu and take drinks order
3rd Serve beverages and explain the menu
4th Serve bread and clear the show plate
5th Fire appetiser and serve it when it is ready
6th Clear the appetiser and fire the main course
7th Serve main course and clear all the plates when they are done with their foods
8th Fire dessert and serve it
9th Clear the plates and crumbs down
10th Take coffee tea order and serve it
11th Wait for them to ask for bill
12th Send them to the door and ask them please don come again XP

Some of the guests is very nice but some is very irritating..They like to give troubles to you and ask you for this and that + when they are unhappy, they will show those ugly faces to you..
When the end of the service, everyone like finally..Haha..


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