Monday, February 4, 2013

Not The End Of My Journey

As some of you might know that I have resigned from Shook! at Starhill as a commis 2. Everybody at work is quite disappointed that I leave the company. Not only them, my heart felt heavy too on the last day. I really enjoy my job and the team. Everybody adored me, LOLS well, not quite to adored but they always showered me with lots of love and care that I won't forget :)

At my work place, well I should say my previous work place. We do not only work work and WORK, we talked about the future we perhaps going to have and about our family. 
Glad that I got to talk with the main chef of the kitchen, he just came back from France not long ago so I just got to know him for 2 months. Really appreciate the opportunity they gave me, they even thought of sending me to France unfortunately I resigned but I told myself, even though I didn't get this chance but I definitely will get another chance next time because I believe in myself. 

Boyfriend said my left arm is full of scars like I have been to war. I got burned from the oven twice, sliced my finger and got stitched once. Well, I never felt regret or want to give up because of all this pain but I take it as my own carelessness responsibility. Accident happens right? 

Since I'm not working anymore, I guess in your minds are wondering what m I doing next right? :) Something is coming up perhaps my second career.

I will not give up what I learned and gone through. I will still pursuit my dreams, things I love. 


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