Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to basic

Today went to watch The Legend is Born : Ip Man with Mr. So Not Awesome..haha
The movie was awesome!! I rated it 10/10.
Before movie, we went to Wong Kok to have lunch and he called his friend along..

Oh my lord! In this movie, the Ip Man so damn hot and handsome! He's like superman in a China style..haha
You guys should really watch this movie...well, I'm waiting my Eclipse! I know some of you find Twilight Saga's movie gay. Hrm, maybe you guys is jealous because you guys cant be so hot like Edward?..haha..just kidding!!

After the movie, he accompany to find a "kelian". I been walking around the same place like 3 times and he didn't even complain about it at all..
When I found the scarf I want, I was standing there considering whether should I buy it for like 30 minutes..haha..Now i feel so bad. I'm so sorry =(
At the end, I bought the scarf and a bunny hairband..hehe
Lols, coincidentally I meet until Fong Bee*my primary school mate* and Ying Ying*my secondary school mate*..and then they were like aa aa aaaa...haha

Guess what!!..Mandy is back to basic!!..I dye my hair back to black..
Well, someone said I look better in black..haha
Moreover, I think I know what I should do about my dilemma..

That's all for today!! my 1st day of summer holiday


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