Monday, July 12, 2010

Penang Trip 2

2nd day of the trip *8 July 2010*..

We went to Georgetown in the morning..Apparently, we don even know where are we at 1st..Its seems like Penang's peoples don like putting road signs..After bored of walking without directions, we went to Kek Lok Si temple at Ayer Itams. We need to walk up to the temple but I'm glad its just a short distance of walking =)..

At the entrance of the temple, there have a pond full with tortoises!! Oh my God, they were like so freaking cute! * It reminds me about 2 of my tortoise that had passed away because I didn't feed them =(, m so sorry tortoise! *..

After praying and visiting the temple, we wanted to go to Penang Hill but thanks to the stupid bus that didn't notice us waiting for bus!! End up, we waited for 2 hours!! That's all where our time had gone * zoom * Lols, I remember the part where I shouted f*** and showing my middle finger to the bus, its so damn rude man.....I didn't mean to, I'm really pissed off that time..

Not only no more Penang Hill, no more to my Butterfly Farm too!! =( ..Thanks to my leader!! He promised me that I will get to go but at last I didn't!!..

End up, we went to the Botanical Garden by walking for 1 and half hour...Lols, at 1st we thought it was just nearby by the map but nope, it isn't...When we reached the Botanical Garden, all we saw is monkeys and people jogging around..NO FLORA AT ALL!!..We spend like 30 minutes up there, then we went back to our hotel....

At night, we went to the night market..It just looks normal night market in Malaysia, just that there are more tourists at there..The way they sell their goods to the tourists was so damn funny! One of the tourists was holding something like air oil *minyak angin*, then the guy told the tourist that it was good for his mother, father, auntie and etc...Haha..
The another was, a tourist girl was holding a Jimmy Choo bag, and the guy told her, Jimmy Choo is from Korea!!..Laugh my ass off!!...

After night market, we went Gurney Drive for cendol again!!..Yum yum
Then back to hotel...Well, in the hotel, something strange had happen, I and one of my friends was watching the tv in the living room..Suddenly we heard somebody was knocking on a door * its either my friend's room or the toilet *, so I asked my friend to check is my friend awake and he was playing a prank on us..But my friend told me, he was sleeping like a pig so it cant be him....weird~~
After the tv, I went back to my room for sleep and I heard some sounds again..I ended up didn't sleep for the whole night.....

M so sorry that u guys have to wait for my pictures =(
Thats all for my Penang trip!! my 4th day of my summer holiday


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