Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raindrops ♥~

Today officially we had been together for 2 weeks ♥
Unfortunately we had a been argument last night. I was so shocked about what he said to me and I feel like giving up in this relationship and not talking to him anymore. But the argument was started because of my fault, I joked about something that hurts him so much and makes him go mad. I'm so sorry about what I said.
Well, thanks to him for being tolerate with me and the argument ended. =)

To my boyfriend,
Thanks for everything, I ♥ you~

That day, I went lunch with his elder brother, his father, his grandma and his aunt. At 1st, he just told me that we will be having lunch with his brother and his father. But when we arrived there, his grandma and his aunt was there. We were like stunted and go blank.
Lols, I was so quiet and shy all the time. They were talking Hokkien and I barely understand what they said. Well, his father was kind and 100% DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HIM. His aunt was also nice too. I think I love his grandma the most, she like so friendly and maybe its because I love grandmas and grandpas.

Time for celebrity news!!
I guess everybody already knows that Lindsay Lohan is officially in prison. She was sent to Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California for breaking the terms of her probation on her 2007 driving under the influence (DUI) charge. Well, too bad for her, she had been alot of troubles before and she always gets to escape from them but this time the judge does not gives any mercy anymore. I heard from the radio that she was writing some songs in the prison for her comeback. And it will be the best album she ever come out with.
So now the question is Do you think she will able to make it? And become famous again after her jail sentence?


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