Friday, July 2, 2010

Bye bye term 2

Freaks & babes!! I' m back!...No more emo moody Mandy, the retarded Mandy is back =D who calls themselves retard? =.=
Anyways, days passed by and I have grown up, thanks to who? Mr. So Not Awesome!!..hehe
I been busy with my final exams for term 2..After all those late night study, its summer holiday! Which means, its time for beach and bikini!!..Aww, I started to miss my college buddies! 2 weeks without them =( ..Gonna miss the times we have lunch together. Oh no! I ate because of them and I have gain 2 kg..I DON WANT BECOME FAT AGAIN!!

But I'm still in a dilemma and this is worst than the before one. I been in this situation before and I had made a wrong choice..Now here i m again. I hope this time I really take the right choice. I cant bare to get hurt or waste my time anymore. I have been with so many guys before but none of them is the right one. Where have he been? When will he be here?..Its okay though, I still have plenty of time, I just hope I could get marry before I'm 30..Being in a wedding gown with wrinkles and ... , its so damn scary..Its like people will thought this is your 2nd marriage *chuckles*

By the way, I had brought a necklace from here. The quality of the necklace is good, well, its kind of small but it is what I'm looking for..I don like hanging big stuff around my neck! Haha..I will upload the picture of the necklace soon! Just wait! XD

How m I going spend my summer holiday?..hrmm..if ya really want to know.


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