Friday, July 9, 2010

Penang Trip *currently without pict*

I'm back from Penang!!..the trip was like disaster!!
The 1st day *7 July 2010*, we arrived Penang at about 4. We went to the beach , many people at there was digging for shells..The beach was like full of shells!! Of course, we went for a swim later on..
After that, we went to the food court just right outside our hotel to have our dinner then later on we went to Gurney Drive for cendol ..haha..their spelling at there was so damn hilarious..I'm so sorry to those Penang's fella but it is really funny

Cendol - Chendol
Cantonese - Cantoment
Wan Tan Mee - Wan Than Mee
Mochi - Muar Chee

We order different cendol from different stalls, lols..We look so stupid...Ordering cendol from a stall while holding a bowl of cendol from another stall..haha
After our cendol 'survey', I love cendol with red beans *not kidney beans*..They taste more sweet than the kidney beans...After dessert? we went to Gurney Plaza for movie!! We watched "She is out of my league"!I love this movie so much but too bad, the ones who are 18 below cant watch this...Its damn hilarious!! Kirky and Molly was so good in together, they were just so sweet..hehe
Kirky & Molly
In this movie, I love Patty the most..lols..she's like so rude but she she rocks!!..haha..I cant forget the part where she is in the plane and she f*** that man so badly..lols

After movie, we should be going to Mcd to watch fifa world cup *Germany vs Spain* but some of us is exhausted already so we went back to the hotel and some of us watched the game..
I'm so sad about Germany. No!! They are gone!!..I feel like bbq-ing the octopus, Paul!!..Haha

Well, thats all for the 1st day..=)
I will add the pictures in as soon as 3rd day of summer holiday


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