Monday, July 19, 2010

♥ Inception ♥

Today its my 1st day back to college..The lecturers only brief us about our subjects and timetables so there is no class! WTFBBQ! I woke up so early and they just brief for like 1 and half hour and that's all for today!!...
Well, I went for lunch with my boyfriend, Jayne and Daniel at a cafe opposite SJMC. Its recommended by Daniel..They served Malay's food. After lunch, we watched Inception in Sunway Pyramid!!..

This movie is totally a MUST WATCH movie!!
Inception works by planting an idea into a subject's mind through dream state..
In this movie, they dream and create the own world then they go dream after dream AFTER DREAM to steal an idea or plant an idea into someone's mind. They were given sedative so if they die in the dream, they can't wake up and they will be trap in the dream for ages. Eventhough if they could be awake, they will be confuse with the real world and the dream world.
This were the characters of the Inception.
There were no ending for this movie, its according your thought. Whether you think he is in the reality or he is still in his dream.

So what are you waiting for??!! Go watch it now!!
Hope you enjoy it like I do =)


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