Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 6

Week 6? Yes!! Still got 6 more weeks to go then I'M FREE!! Tomorrow, I will be going to the kitchen and no more FnB. Woots!! No more serving, no more clearing, no more standing at the same spot for 5 hours! Kitchen here I come :) So far, everybody treat me very well. And I cried once because I got scold by one of manager.

Okay, back to the topic. Hrm, for the 6th week. I did room service for 3 days and FnB in a fine dining restaurant also for 3 days. I love ROOM SERVICE so much. Lols, I can get like rm20 something tips for a day. The people at the room service department are very friendly and willing to teach me.

For FINE DINING. One the 1st day, I was late because I was waiting for my friend to get her tank top for me. The 1st thing I went up the restaurant, I apologized and guess what. She's really fierce. The 1st sentence she said to me is "Sorry? I expected you to be like Cindy too since you two are from Taylor's. Today you are going back at 12am". I just stunted and there and I kept quiet because I don want to fight back since she is the manager. After awhile, she received a call then she came to me and asked me what time I arrived at the hotel. I answered her and she wondered why I will still be late since I had arrived 30 mins earlier. So I told her the reason and she accepted it. Lols, I can't believe I cried.

But after awhile, she's fine with me already and we all get friendly together :)
I'm so happy that we ended up being good. She looked fierce but actually in her heart. She's kind.

This is the table setting for the fine dining restaurant. Nice huh? I love the environment there. It's so classic and old modern.
Can't wait for tomorrow :D

Love hubby.


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