Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Out with My One

On the 17th of Nov 2010, it was my happiest day among Oct and Nov. This is the 1st time I get to have day off on the same day like my hubby. I was so excited to spend the whole day with him. Its been a long time we hang out together for a long period. HAPPY. :D if you follow my twitter then I'm sure u will know about that day.

In the morning, as usual hubby will pick me up from my house. Then we headed to Klang with his dad to get him a new specs. His dad wanted to go Lot 10 to have lunch but we needed to go Sri Hartamas to get my knife, so his dad and siblings went to KL while I and him went to Sri Hartamas and guess what!! The shop does not open on public holiday. Ohh God. So sad for me :(

Then we had our lunch at The Blue Cow Cafe in Sri Hartamas. From outside, it looks like a butcher shop. They sell all kinds of meat. Including pork. Many foreigner get their poultry from there so I guess the meat is really fresh.
The cafe is not really big. Its just like a small shop where only 20 people can dine in.
Hubby :*)
Look!! The pattern of the wallpaper on the wall is same as my hubby's shirt. Hahahaaa
And this is meee. My hair grew so long d. Should I cut it again?
We ordered the pork package for 2 person. The package included a pork sausage which taste reallllyyyy good. A pork patty which also taste very good. Bacon, yum yum. Pork chop, not that good, its too dry. And pork kebab which also 50/50 only.

I will just recommend u to try the pork sausage and patty. I love it so much!!

After lunch, we was wondering should we go to Pavillion or other places. Well, I and hubby is getting bored of Pavillion already, usually we just go there for Chatime :) So instead of Pavillion, this time we went to KLCC. We bought our Unstoppable movie ticket 1st then Kinokuniya where i spend my time the most at there. Haha. Well, at 1st i was thinking of buying those Japan's magazine for the bag. But somehow at the cashier counter, I changed my mind. When I told my hubby that I don want it anymore, his face's changed into "what" status. Haha, he said I'm killing him.

Lols, you want to know why? Haha, because I spend almost an hour to choose the bag. Lols. So sorry hubby. :P
End up, my hubby only bought me a Mickey Mouse mechanical pencil. :)

Umm, well. He also did bought me something else. But not gonna let you know about it now. Wait until the end. Hahaa

Dinner timeeee :) Chillis here we are!! I really cant figure out why KLCC's Chilis always have so many customer. There will always be a waiting moment before the guest can be seated. Can you tell me why?

After 30 mins, we got our table. With a nice KL view :D

Hubby had ordered Fire Grilled Chicken & Portobello
The mashed potato = AWESOME!!
Me? I had Ground Peppercorn. Yum yum, I love it
Too bad, I wasted my food, I cant finished them. Its too many.
P/s: Haha, actually I'm leaving a spot in my tummy for DESSERT!!! x)

We shared a Chocolate Brownie. The chocolate taste so yummmyyy. Hehe
Burp~ Opps, excuse me. Haha, after all the yummy foods.
MOVIE time!!! UNSTOPPABLE is a nice movie. I bet its better than boring Harry Potter. I'm so lucky that my hubby is not a Harry Porter's fan or else I will die because of boredom. Harry Potter's storyline is really lame and boring. I don get why people love it. Weird.

Thats all for that day. I had a great day with hubby.

WAIT!! I'm not finish yet!! Want to know what he bought me?? Hehe
TADA!! A hottie from Topshop. It looks like a toy but its not. Its to keep people warm, that's why its called Hottie. They where scented with lavender so it smells niceee. The smell makes me sleep so well.
Once again, I want to thank my hubby for the day and the present. Muahhhhh


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