Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 4 & 4th Monthsary

I was sent to Crossroad, lounge at Concorde for that week. I LOVE THAT PLACE LIKE HELL!! Everybody was so kind to me, they taught me alot of things. And I GET TO BE THE BARTENDER!! :D So awesome. Plus, the manager offered me a job after my graduation. I was like... its so long to go. So I told him I will think about it. So sad, I'm going to another department tomorrow. Miss them so much.

Today went to have lunch with his dad then after we headed to Pavillion to watch Megamind!! Its so awesome and hilarious. Love it so much.

After movie, we went to the Mexican restaurant next to Larisata, Ampang with my sister and lil brother. The food, its nice but not that nice, Haha. If you get what I mean. :P But overall, I'm happy that I get to spend my whole day with my hubby.

Love you so much Hubby.


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