Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 7

Hrm, this is my 1st week in the kitchen. Now I'm at the coffee house's kitchen. Everybody was good, they always willing to teach me. For this week, I had learnt how to make a PERFECT, SMOOTH omelette. I tried, tried and TRIED for so many freaking times I still can't get it right when the 1st time. When the next day, another chef taught me how to cook omelette. He really trained me well. He ask me to stand at there and try until I can. Lols, I finished a big bowl of egg. And at the end, I SUCCEEDED. I was so damn happy :D Then I learnt how to cook

+ poach egg +
+ scramble eggs ( American style - wet, Arabic/Asian style - dry ) +
+ sunny side up +
+ both side +
* I can flip the egg by just using the pan but the egg yolk broke,now I need to learnt how to flip and keep the egg yolk in its shape *

Other than that, I also learnt hell lots of things. :D
Now my notebook is out of empty page, need get a new one soon.

As you know, this is sushi right? If you don, then you must be living in the woods. Haha
Its also know as Makimono.

This is Italian vinaigrette. Usually it goes with salad.

Frisee!! Lols, it sounds like a dog's name.

And silver onion, it looks like baby onions.

Thats all for the 7th week.
Stand by!! Week 8 will be coming soon :)


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