Thursday, October 7, 2010

3rd Month-sary

Yesterday, its our 3rd month for being together. We celebrate the day with 2 movies and a simple dinner.
Before heading to the cinema, we ate Subway as our brunch.

We watched Dinner with Schmucks and Wall Street. Well, in this post I'm not going to write any long synopsis but just a short review. I want to make it special for my hubby =)
Dinner with Schmucks? Damn hilarious. Its a MUST watch movie. While for Wall Street, to me, this movie sucks but my hubby like it. Its all about shares. I guess the people in the business industry would love it.

This is my outfit of that day.
Long sleeves top : ZARA
Dress : From Thailand

After the movies, went for shopping awhile. Then we headed to SS2 for dinner at SS2 Murni. Basically SS2 Murni is a "mamak" but its always crowded with many people. Well, the food is great and the service is efficiency. I love the Ribena special!! :D

Done with dinner - Home.
I dropped my hubby at the LCS train station and I drove all the way home by myself. Umm, its scary to drive when its late at night. There were many people speeding. So dangerous.







Hope you love it hubby :>
Will always be loving you.

Next week, I will be starting my intern at Concorde hotel, KL for freaking 3 months. Gonna miss hubby a lot!!
Umm, wish me luck =)


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