Sunday, October 3, 2010

♥ α & Ω ♥

Yesterday,my hubby and I went to Pavillion. We watched Alpha & Omega in 3D !! The ticket was so damn expensive. Rm21 per person.
Lols, actually my hubby don really want to watch this cartoon show but he preferred this than Eat Pray Love. Haha.
Everything in the movie is in 3D, Alpha and Omega = AWESOME!!

Well, Alpha and Omega is about a pack of wolves in Jasper. Where Alpha which protects the pack and Omega which just joke around cannot be together. It is just one of their customs.
Humfrey is an Omega while Kate is an Alpha. Humfrey falls in love with Kate since when they was young but unfortunately he can't confess his love to her.

Kate's father, Winston had made a deal with Tony, the leader of Eastern pack that Kate with marry his son to unite the pack together.

Kate meets Garth, son of Tony at the moon howl night. Unfortunately, when Kate went to have some water and she knocks into Humfrey and some park rangers captured Humfrey and Kate to Idaho park for the wolves to re-population.

When they 1st arrived Idaho park, they saw a goose and duck were playing golf. The goose and duck helped them to get back to Jasper. On the way, Kate felt that it was fun being with Humfrey and at that moment, she had fallen in love with him. But she can't ignore her duties. When she went missing, Lily, Kate's sister and Garth fell in love with each other. Garth is also an Alpha while Lily is not and he need to fulfill his duties too.

When Humfrey and Kate arrived at Jasper, Kate saw the packs was getting ready to fight each other. She quickly ran to stop them. When everybody saw Kate, they stopped. Her wedding with Garth continue while Humfrey decides to go on a road trip by himself.

When Kate and Garth was about to get married, Garth was continuously looking at Lily. When they was about "accept each other's scent", Kate stopped and she confessed that she had fell in love with Humfrey while Garth also did the same thing about Lily. Tony was so angry and ordered the packs to fight for the valley. When they were fighting, a gang of caribou run towards them and Winston ordered the packs to run to the side. Everybody had gone to the side while Tony and Winston is trapped in between the caribous. When Humfrey and Kate saved them, one of the caribou hit Kate and she faint then Humfrey quickly protected her from getting hit from the caribous. When all the caribou was gone, Humfrey thought Kate was dead and he was so sad. Everybody was also upset about it too. But soon after, she regained her consciousness.

And at the end, they were happily after together ♥


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