Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 1

Last week, i worked at a Chinese restaurant at Concorde, KL. Well, all of the supervisor is ladies. Most of them is evil!! Especially the aunties that work as waitress. There is once an aunty asked me to get a bucket of ice from the bar. I was looking for the bucket and after few minutes, she came in and asked me what take me so long and she said that I work for there so long already still don know where it is. WTF??!! I didn't even enter the bar before and nobody taught me anything except the Bangladesh workers!! The matter that made me became so angry is when the aunty called me stupid!! FUCK U BITCH!! You don even know simple English, better go home and sleep la!!

Well, I really want to thank those Bangladesh workers at there and the other workers. Really appreciate what they taught me. After this, I will never want to work at a Chinese restaurant anymore. Its just too tiring. I cant handle too many things!!

I hope the next restaurant I will be going will be much more more better!!


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