Friday, October 29, 2010

Hubby's Big Day


On the 27th of October, its my hubby big day. Guess what? I'm the first girl that celebrated his birthday with him. So special huh? Haha. Umm. Got to admit that its very tiring to go out after work until late night but his is the king of the day so got to spend time with him =)

This is the card i made for him. Lols, when i went to the photoshop to print this picture. The fella asked me, what kind of picture its this. Haha. I just blushed.

From your NOOBY baby.

How we celebrate his birthday? Lets start by he picked me up after my work at 3 pm. Then we went back to my house to get me changed. After getting ready, straight to 1U to meet his family. Well, by the time we reached 1U its already 5 pm. Then the king want to have Chili's for dinner but too bad. Its too pack so we went for thai food. I was so happy to know that we have the same interest in food. Its like we are soul mates. PERFECT soul mates. =)

Dinner? Over. Movie time! We watched You Again and Life As We Know It. Lols, we watched both of this movie, one after another. Its fun.
You Again? Its hilarious. All of you really MUST watch this movie. I love it so much. Grandma Bunny was so damn cute. Haha
Life As We Know It? Well, its funny too but the ending where the girl and the baby went to airport to stop the guy, it was sad. I almost cry. From this movie, I learnt that when problems come to us, don runaway from it. Face it and find a solution for it.
Sophie was so good in acting. She's really damn cute. I hope I will have a baby girl like this in the future. Haha

After movies, we went back to my house to cut his birthday cake =)
Well, I bought the cake from Delectables, Pavillion, Malaysia .

Its a chocolate cake with chantilly cream and strawberries which are the king's favorite. Glad he like it =)

Thats all for that day =)
Hope all of you have a nice day. Cant wait to get my October salary. Haha.


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