Saturday, September 29, 2012

So Long September!

I hate September. So many bad things happen in September.
I went bankrupt, 2 of my sweet pies broke up and a lot more shits had happen. 
Can't wait for October to come. 
Recently I'm so exhausted. Felt so lazy everyday :( 

I do not have a bf, yes i HAD but not anymore. Do not ask me why I didn't change my relationship status or anything. I don feel answering any questions. 

Since many of my friends (girls) broke up this month so I decided to speak out what girls wants in their love life.


1 ) Respect and have manners for each other and others. Remember, you are representing a part of your gf so please control your behavior and don embarrass your girlfriends.

2 ) Trust. Don go keep questioning your girlfriends somehow we will feel annoy. 

3 ) This is the one that I hate the most. DON EVER EVER APPRECIATE ME LAST MINUTE WHEN YOU DON EVEN BOTHER TO CARE FROM THE START. If you does not want to appreciate at 1st, just keep it that way. 

4 ) Selfish. I mean in the financial side. It does not mean a girl can't split the bill or pay for it. Just DON ASK A GIRL TO PAY IT.

So guys, please be a better man after you read this. I do not mean all guys, just some jerks :)


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