Thursday, September 13, 2012

Passion & Dream

Previously I worked at The Loaf for about 5 months. Well, the working environment didn't work out for me. It's too tiring. I felt like I'm forced to work everyday. :(
If you have my Facebook account then you would now that currently I'm working at Shook, Starhill Gallery.

Well, I meet someone. He have passion in wines, seriously for a young guy that have not taken any wine courses to know so much things about wine is like .. *uum I don't even know how to describe it* I tried to test him with some few questions and he got it right. Didn't even hesitates when he was answering. I was so impressed, after hearing him speaking about his passion. 

In my mind, I was like... where my passion heading to now? This hit me so hard that my heart breaks like a crumbled cookie. I was once like him but now I'm lacking of pastry knowledge. I need to update myself with pastryland!! If I have the chance, I would try to be a chocolatier. :) 



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