Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maybe It Is A Miracle

Today I went to take my driving license test for the 2th time..And ffffffffffiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy i passed the test =D
I felt so lucky that the examiner didn't fail me for broke down on the slope...Phew, I thought he will fail me for it after I did the slope...But he didn't! I thank him like 10 times and he was like are you nuts or what? Haha...
For parking and three point turn, I did it perfectly..Lols, when i was doing the three point turn, I heard the "tiang" fall and I was like shit! But when i look behind, the "tiang" is still standing there...Phewwwww
I believe today is a miracle because i wore my hello kitty necklace and I passed, thanks to my parents gave me when i was a little girl..Hearts it very much ♥


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