Monday, April 19, 2010

1st day of term 2

How am i doing on the 1st day?
Damn tired..i don even feel like going to college but i cant sleep for the whole night because of.....EXCITED?
Today pastry class really sucks to the end!!..
I miss Chef Karam so much, Chef Souji is like teaching without any direction..I don really understand what he is teaching at all..
He just gave us a recipe and asked us follow the recipe..NO DEMO..
And guess what, Chef Souji will teach me for hot kitchen class too..
OOO..F to the U to the C to the K...
This morning, i went to the administration office to pay my 2nd term fees..
I been waiting for like 20 minutes?..just to pay the fees
The worst part is the office lady counts the cashes by her own bare hands when there is a machine just right beside her..
Then my friend and I were like waiting and waiting for her..
At last! She finished counting the money and when i asked my friend what time is it..She said "Class starts in 1 min"...
The bad news about term 2 is........
Now i need to wake up damn early same like high school days...Urgh..
I got Maths , Account when high school i took science stream because i hate account and now? i guess i can't get away from account *sob sob* , Geography and MPW what the hell is MPW? class...
I hope better days will come soon


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